A School FabLab


There are three main facilities: the Woodshop with the Victor Elmaleh Fabrications Lab, the CNC Lab, and the Milton Airport Facility. Students go through a mandatory training when they enter the School of Architecture, and we always welcome UVa students, faculty, and staff outside of the School to get trained to use the facilities.


Campbell Hall 122


After an initial FabLab training, users gain access to the certain shop spaces and then can gain access to certain advanced tools through the Shops Short Courses (SSCs) taught throughout the semester. Faculty and staff can schedule specific class or group SSCs with the Fabrication Facilities Manager.



Melissa Goldman: Fabrication Facilities Manager




  • Handtools for basic wood, metal, plastic work

  • Pneumatic tools

  • Tablesaw

  • Crosscut Saw

  • Bandsaw

  • Drill press

  • Stationary sanders

  • Planer/Jointer

  • Spray booth

  • Metal Brake

  • Bench grinder

  • Concrete mixer

  • 3D Printer - FDM/FFF

  • 3D Printer - SLA

  • Laser Cutter

  • CNC Router - 3-4 Axis

  • CNC Mill -- 3-4 Axis

  • 6 Axis Robotic Arm

  • Microcontrollers + Electronics Parts/Accessories

  • Soldering Station

  • 3D Digitizer

  • 3D Scanner

  • CNC Embroidery Machine, Sewing Machines