Drama Scene Shop

The Scene Shop in the Drama Department is primarily used to produce the stage sets and props for performances. The shop has tools for welding, woodworking, metal cutting, a hot wire cutter, a hand held plasma cutter, a vacuum former, and a paint frame that can rig up large projects. The shop teaches workshops about welding, vacuum forming, rigging and flying, OSHA, and Arduino micro controllers. There is also a basketball hoop that takes advantage of the high ceilings. All tools are accessible to students outside of the depart ment who have had safety training.


Drama Scene Shop


By appointment with Steve Warner or Chris Rybitski


M-F 1-5 PM


Chris Rybitski: Shop Foreman



  • Handtools for basic wood, metal, plastic work

  • Pneumatic tools

  • Tablesaw

  • Crosscut Saw

  • Bandsaw

  • Drill press

  • Stationary sanders

  • Planer/Jointer

  • Vacuformer

  • Welder - MIG

  • Welder - TIG

  • Welder - Other

  • Bench grinder