Lacy Design Lab, aka. Rice 120

We outfitted the Rice 120 Lacy Design Studio for use by all Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1620) students. Included are: 4 Afinia 3d printers -- Afinia 3D printer instructions Prototyping bins filled with materials for quick ideation-oriented prototyping A Silhouette Die-cutter for 2d prototyping -- Silhouette die-cutter instructions Foam and foamwork tools A soldering and electronics workstation Our customized z-rack whiteboards Tools and a Parts Cart with a random collection of materials


Rice Hall 120


Open hours, evenings and weekends


Most evenings; Sunday afternoon


Greg Lewin: Engineering Supergenius (aka. "Lecturer")


  • Handtools for basic wood, metal, plastic work

  • 3D Printer - FDM/FFF

  • Microcontrollers + Electronics Parts/Accessories

  • Soldering Station

  • Die-cutters

  • foam cutter