Milton Airfield

About 20 minutes from Grounds is the Milton Airfield, an interdisciplinary satellite experimentation site for classes to design and test on 172 acres of land with frontage on the Rivanna River. Among many programs, the site has a historic airplane hangar which houses a woodshop, research project labs, and gathering spaces shared by multiple groups on Grounds. Groups like the A School’s Landscape Lab, the Engineering School’s Motorsports and Hoos Flying Teams, and the community’s Rivanna Radio Control Club all find a home here. If any current students, faculty, and staff are interested in starting projects at Milton or going for a visit, please contact the Milton Operations Team at for more information about access and support.


Milton Airfield, 2300 Milton Road


Access to Milton for new projects is run through the Milton Operations and Steering Committees.  The form for access is here.  Please also follow up with an email to

After approval, projects will have a consult or training with someone from the Operations Team depending on your needs.  There is a Milton user contract and a sign in form.  All work visits are based on a buddy system- two people to do data collection, analysis, scanning, drawing, or other low hazard operations, three people to use any power tools or vehicles.


Dawn to dusk





In the Field- Students and a faculty member in the Architecture's School department of landscape architecture scan the landscape with a drone.