Ruffin Hall Wood and Metal Shop

The Mcintire Department of Art is host to a little known sculpture shop in Ruffin Hall. Beyond tradition- al wood-working equipment the shop has a pneumatic stone carver, sand blaster, Mig welders, and a bronze foundry. The shop space is primarily used by sculpture students in the art department to complete projects and produce shows, but other students are welcome to be trained on the tools. Most students are trained during class time, but TA's are available outside of class hours. The Ruffin Shop would like to collaborate with more departments in the future on projects that will help make the Arts more visible around Grounds. Like most shops, they are looking for more space to house new tools, such as a joiner and planar for reclaim wood re- processing. The shop is also looking to acquire a lathe, a ring roller, a plate shear, and a brake.


Ruffin Hall 122 and 121


Faculty-keys, staff-ID, students have access only when shop is open


30-35 hours per week. Hours not established for Fall 2016 yet





  • Title: Studio/Gallery Tech/Safety Officer