Scholars' Lab Makerspace

The Scholars’ Lab Makerspace is strategically situated within the UVA Library to be open, provide a low barrier of entry to making, and be a helpful resource of information, technology and support. The space invites all people, and proactively encourages those in underrepresented academic studies, ethnicities, genders, economic classes and skill levels to come, learn, make, and be empowered to improve their education, research, and community. The Makerspace is an active participant in academic research through independent and collaborative work with scholars to explore, understand, and report on emerging technologies, methodologies and pedagogies in a variety of disciplines.


Shannon Library, 308i


We are available to everyone during open hours. Come by and see us, no appointment needed.

Questions? Hesitant about joining us in the TinkerTank? You belong here, and we're happy to meet with you, answer questions, and give you a tour to help you feel more at home. Email to let us know you're curious about our makerspace.






  • Make: Bantam
  • Model: Othermill
Prusa MK3S+ w/ MMU3
  • Make: Prusa
  • Model: MK3S+ w/ MMU3
Prusa MK3S+ 2
  • Make: Prusa
  • Model: MK3S+
Prusa MK3S+ 1
  • Make: Prusa
  • Model: MK3S+
Prusa Mini
  • Make: Prusa
  • Model: Mini
Laser Cutter
  • Make: Universal Laser
  • Model: VLS 6.75
Raspberry Pi
  • Make: RaspberryPi
  • Model: 2, 3, 4, Zero W
Button Maker
  • Make: American Button Maker
  • Model: 1.5 and 2.25 inch
Lightbox and turntable
  • Make:
  • Model:
Cintiq Drawing Tablet
  • Make: Wacom
  • Model: Cintiq 22HD
  • Make: Arduino
  • Model: Uno R2
Silhouette Cameo
  • Make: Silhouette
  • Model: Cameo 4
Soldering Iron
  • Make: Weller
  • Model: WLC 100 40W
Sewing Machine 2
  • Make: Bernina
  • Model: 350F
Sewing Machine 1
  • Make: Bernina
  • Model: 350F
Arduino Uno Kits
  • Make: Arduino
  • Model: Uno
Arduino 101 Kits
  • Make: Arduino
  • Model: 101


  • Title: Makerspace Manager